Asom Sangha Canada Community Association





Asom Sangha Canada Community Association is the current official name of the Asom Sangha Canada established in 1971, the oldest Assamese organization in North America. It is a non-profit, non-political, socio-cultural organization, open to all individuals having their roots or interest in Assam and its culture. we are welcoming organization for all the people who are from Northeastern states of India.



The organization is recognized and interchangeably called as the Asom Sangha, the Sangha or as just abbreviated ASCCA. Office bearers and seniors from the community reconsidered the name to properly mirror the associated society and decided to add two additional words: i.e. ‘Community’ and ‘Association’ after the original name. The name Asom Sangha Canada Community Association was registered as the official name in Ontario, Canada in 2013. Asom Sangha was first established in Ottawa, Ontario with the initiative of a few Assamese families and people who resided there at the time.